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Unfortunately, when you take legal action in a rental situation, it is not always clear how your lawsuit will unfold, as each case is different and depends a lot on the presiding judge. In addition, laws regarding tenants, whether roommates, roommates or residents, vary from province to province. No matter how you got on the path, be sure to keep your landlord informed of everything. This means that no matter what your roommate does, you need to make sure that the rent is paid on time and in full each month. However, if you`ve split the rent (even if you only have text messages or emails as proof, or if you don`t have anything in writing but can show a sample before they stop paying), your roommate owes you their share of the rent, and you can sue if necessary. If you can`t afford your place on your own, you`ll need to find another roommate. Even if you and other roommates think you`ve found this one, your landlord has the final say. They will want to do background and credit checks for the new tenant, just like they did with you and your old roommate. If he does not agree, he can veto your election. However, where you live can make a difference. In San Francisco, for example, replacing your roommate is your legal right. Your landlord can only refuse for a few specific reasons.

B for example if the candidate has had an expulsion in her past. In this situation, two or more roommates each have their own individual lease with the landlord. When it comes to paying the rent, each roommate pays the landlord the individual amount due. If one roommate is in arrears, the other roommate is not affected. It is also possible that both tenants are named on the same lease, but that they are considered tenants in common, provided that the contract sets the amount of rent that everyone must pay. Notify your landlord immediately. Don`t wait for bills to pile up and rent to be due before informing your landlord that you can`t pay and want to move. Tell your landlord the truth: if you have to move because you just can`t afford the lease without roommates and you can`t find one, then tell it. The lease, often referred to as a lease, is a document that describes the location, duration of the lease, the amount of rent, and the responsibilities of the parties involved.


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