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In the event of a change of number, the customer must immediately inform the supplier and pay the supplier the additional amount due. In the event that the Customer fails to inform the Provider of the adequate number of authorized users, the Provider is entitled to treat such failure as a material breach and immediately terminate this Contract and sue the Customer for all direct and consequential damages suffered by the Provider resulting from the Customer`s infringement, including the Supplier`s attorneys` fees. On the other hand, some authorized users send a separate email with the requirements to to process the order. 7.1 Cancellation of a subscription reservation. Customers who have purchased a webinar subscription may cancel their reservation provided that: (a) they do so in writing at least 14 business days prior to the next broadcast under that subscription; AND (b) themselves or other users included in the order for this subscription have not yet registered through the technology provider`s webinar database and have therefore activated their email address for the subscription. Provided that both conditions are met, a refund of the original subscription price will be issued less an administration fee of £25.

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