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The issuer should pay the costs related to the offer or reimburse the sub-authors. The issuer should also reimburse the sub-authors for the advisory costs related to the audit carried out by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). As a general rule, the issuer limits the refundable amount for underwriters consulting fees related to FINRA`s audit. The subscription agreement may also contain a provision requiring conveyors to reimburse certain offer fees to the issuer if the circumventors breach the subscription agreement. For example, an issuer may require reimbursement if insurers fail to market the securities in a manner consistent with the underwriting agreement. Despite the limited repayment obligation, sub-authors are expected to pay for their own lawyer. This article contains provisions for compensation for example for subscription agreements subject to Dutch, English, Irish, New York and Spanish legislation and Spanish practice. The examples do not contain provisions on the enforcement of claims. 1.3 The Company and each of the Directors shall immediately inform each of the Insurers of any restriction (whenever they occur) on the extent to which any of them, or one of their respective subsidiaries, associates or associated companies, may assert rights against third parties or parties, or any waiver or authorization of a right of any of them, to do so (a restriction) with respect to anything that may arise, directly or indirectly, outside or based on or related to the offer or subject matter of this Agreement. . . .

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