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When Snape made his unbreakable vows, not only «Draco Protection,» but also the modifiers: «to the best of his knowledge and benefits» (or something like that) – which implies either that the wish would have killed him once that Draco was not protected (this might not even require real damage!), either only an obvious non-protection would have led to the death of Snapes (as in the «swear to die», it depends: how «happy trigger» is fate) – or you would die, for you have not resurrected the dead now (or at least begins to cast the awakening spell (nonexistent), either it would kill you only if it was obvious that the spell was failing. In general, HP spells are anthropomorphic – z.B. Implementation of more generic concepts such as «happiness» (expecto patronum) or «hatred» (avada kedavra) – so we must assume that the detailed mechanics of fate depend on the intention of the inventor of fate depended on the intention of the inventor of the spell, or one or all or the average «executors» (although this influence is not arbitrary – one could never revive someone with a cast of love avada kedavra or turn a blue marble with a Wingardium leviosa while one thinks of blue thoughts). Doing your best should most likely prevent vows from being triggered (unless it is a «fail defined» wish like `Keep X alive` or `don`t touch the ground`), but a more opportunistic approach (`I will revive the dead if someone tells me the fate`) may or may not, depending on the intention. It seems that the magic of the binder (or whatever the name of the third person) must be able to kill the headband/sacrifice if the promise is broken (in the barrel, it is suggested that the binder provides the magic that `lies` the content of the vow, and binds the agreement; in the fanfic hpmor does not kill the vow, but directly changes your thoughts/behaviors – it`s really unbreakable – which means swearing a paradox Probably make you crazy, polter spirits could happen, etc.), it would only work if the binder has the power to kill the headband (maybe binds it dying trying to engage it?). What would happen if people tried to make a wish, they didn`t quite agree on that, I don`t think it would work. If Snape draco was about to drop his toe, and the wish was literally – boom, dead. The nature of the wish was very little spoken; It is likely that the role of the Bonder resembles that of the Secret-Keeper in the charm of Fidelius, the vow being locked in the soul of the Bonder. I think emotion and intent are important factors with magic in the Harry Potter universe. We know they are really important for unforgivable curses, from what Bellatrix Lestrange says in Order of the Phoenix: there is no cannon to support this, but we have seen other spells cast and failed, and only a weak version of what they should do, like Harry, who launches the curse of crucifixion at Bellatrix Lestrange, and it doesn`t hurt him. Type of Unbreakable Vows Magical Contract Link[1] Hand Movement Space Wall in Hands[1] The Red of Light[1] Magic Wish Effect that is deadly[2] [Source] As an example, if I made you a vow that I would never be angry with you, I would be alive if you did not perceive that I have my broken vows. I could be crazy like hell for you and live as long as you didn`t know.

If you see that I was angry – if I started screaming and walking near Nogtails – I would die. (I should. These poor nogtails.) Splinching, if Apparating could be easily associated with this – Ron splinches, when he panics and tries, under pressure, to escape ministry in sanctuaries – or with the skill part of magic that we know is a factor in all spells and why not everyone is an animagus or an Occitan – and why fundamental magic is something to study for seven years! Before 1901, Yusuf Kama and his father made an unbreakable wish promising to hunt down and kill Corvus Lestrange`s son in retaliation for taking Yusuf`s mother.

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