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most people can`t get anything in their area because suddenlink doesn`t want to update. I pay 140.00 a month for 20/5 and most of the time I get 10/2. Channels suck and no phone service. Internet and cable shuts down every night, and when I call to get someone, they don`t know what the problem is. Be grateful to have the service you have with little pay. As far as I`m concerned, all of a sudden, you log in and screw yourself. Worst «service» of all time. If I could give a negative assessment, I would. Don`t do business with Suddenlink, they`ll only lie to you, add random fees to your bill, on your account design and you`ll never see a Dime back.

Not to mention that you don`t even have the service you paid for! No one cares, I`ve talked to the executives and the company headquarters, all I can do is warn you not to fall into this terrible business. I can`t wait for their customers to see their scams and flee to better HONEST providers. 8. Additional features, features and tools. Altice sometimes offers additional service features, features and tools such as Altice One Application, Suddenlink2GO, Cloud DVR or introduces service levels for existing functions such as DVR cloud storage levels. These features, features, tools and services may continue to be subject to Altice`s specific terms of use at any time and may be modified or removed. f. Home Security Systems and other non-voice communications devices. The client recognizes that telephone service may not be compatible with certain third-party security systems, medical monitoring and other non-speech communication systems.

It is the client`s responsibility to test the safety of the home, the medical monitoring system or any other communication system not related to the customer`s speech. The customer recognizes that these systems may not work properly in the event of a power outage or interruption of Suddenlink`s broadband network service. There are more than 2,500 Internet service providers in the U.S., and finding the most appropriate can be a challenge. If you decide to terminate your Suddenlink services and switch to another company, you can try these methods: call Suddenlink Customer Service at 877-694-9474 and ask for your subscription to be terminated. 23. Compensation. The Client undertakes to defend, compensate and compensate Suddenlink parties for and against all claims and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising from or in any way the use of the Service and Equipment by the Customer or the use of the customer account or equipment or equipment associated with it, or the use of other products or services provided by the client. The client engages against Suddenlink parties of claims, loss or prosecution for violation or death of a person or damage to property, which results from the use, placement or presence or removal of suddenlink equipment, associated facilities and wiring on the client`s premises, and which, in addition, compensates and maintains Suddenlink parts of calibrations, defamation or copyright infringements that result directly or indirectly from material transmitted by Suddenlink facilities or their use by the customer. patent infringement claims arising from the combination or use of facilities provided by Suddenlink, as well as devices, devices and systems provided by the customer; and against any other claim arising from an act or omission of the customer in connection with the services or facilities provided by Suddenlink.

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