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PCT Information Service (for general PCT issues):Telephone: (41 22) 338 83 38E-Mail: (vi) Notifying parties may access expedited review procedures in the national phase in contracting states with PCT-PPH patent agreements (PCT-PPH) or similar agreements; In the vast majority of cases, applicants file PCT notifications electronically. You can file PCT applications electronically with all relevant ports of entry that accept these applications. Preparing the PCT application via WIPO`s web service (ePCT-Filing) or software provided by WIPO (PCT-SAFE) (IB recommends the use of ePCT) helps you prepare your requests by automatically validating the data entered and making your attention to defective or inconsistent parts feel clear. In addition, it helps you manage your applications, for example. B with time control for relevant actions. You are also entitled to certain PCT royalty reductions when submitting electronically. For more information on the electronic filing of pcT, see For international applications, please contact WIPO: World Intellectual Property OrganizationPCT Receiving and Processing Section34, ColombettesCH-1211 Geneva 20, SwitzerlandTelephone: (41 22) 338 92 22E-mail: ro.ib@wipo.intWebsite address: PORTAIL IP The contract allows you to apply for a patent application for an invention in each of the many countries at the same time by filing an «international» patent application. Such an application may be made by any person who is a national or resident of a contracting state. It can normally be filed with the National Patent Office of the contracting state of which the applicant is a national or resident or, at the applicant`s choice, with the WIPO International Office in Geneva. If the applicant is a national or resident of a contracting state: The international application can also be filed with the European Patent Office (EPO), the African Regional Industrial Property Organisation (ARIPO), the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) or the Eurasian Patent Office.

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