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Being friends is a quick job, but friendship is a fruit that matures slowly. When adversity flows, love stops; But friendship is stiff in storms. For times when you`ve lost a good friend and it`s hard to describe how you feel, these poignant Pinterest friendship quotes put into words a friend`s grief. We will be friends forever, for no storm can separate us. A force of friendship from above binds us forever. Whatever evil or problems happen to us, we will be friends for eternity and eternity. The power of a potential friend is to have a positive impact on the lives of others. This is not a sweet and fluffy celebration of happy relationships. Rather, it is a convincing work, designed to insinuate and equip each of us to build deeper and more meaningful friendships. If friendships are real, they are not glass filaments or gel work, but the strongest things we can know.

«Friendship is understanding, not concordance. It`s forgiveness not to forget. This means that memories take time, even if contact is lost. » — Unknown Author Sometimes even the best friendships can disintegrate. Whether you and your beast have had a blowup fight or are having a slow start over time, platonic relationships can end in the same way as romantic relationships – and they can hurt as well. In friendship, as in love, we are often happier with things we are ignorant than with those with which we are obsessed. Be slow to fall into friendship, but if you are in, keep standing firm and constant. In the sweetness of friendship, let him laugh and share pleasures. For in the dew of the little things, the heart finds its morning and refreshes. Your experience will be given to you alone.

But truth and the best friendship will rarely, if ever, disappoint you. To love and not to love the same things, this is what makes a strong friendship. A friend is more than a therapist or confessor, even if sometimes a friend can heal us and offer us God`s forgiveness. A friend is the other person with whom we can share our solitue, our silence and our prayer. Friendship marks a life even deeper than love. Love is likely to be denied in obsession, friendship is never anything other than sharing. I hope we`ll be friends forever. Together, we will always be together. I don`t think you understand what you think. And one day, when we separate, we will think back and think about how happy we are, because our friendship continues.

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